Fashionably Late

This is where you will find all my fashion faux pas and my journey to rectify them. When it comes to fashion I could careless what’s in style and what’s not, if it looks good on me then you better believe it I’m gonna wear it. I have officially realized that coloured make up is not for me “by coloured I mean the bright colours” I will stick to my browns and my blacks until I meet up with Iman.

My hair will be in a protective style for the rest of the summer and you can bet your bottom dollar that you will most likely see my hair wrapped in jut about every video or picture, my head wrap is like my weave, put it on and go, can’t tell me I don’t look good.

My skin will be given the priority right now as I am trying to find exactly what she demands. I have stopped using Iman’s foundation stick and is actually just using the photo finish thinggum a jigger.


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