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On my way to becoming a vegan.

Ok folks, I am trying my hand at this game one more time. If you know me personally you will know that I suffer from serious health issues. As this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought that instead of simply wearing pink that I should actually “fight” cancer. I have lost one aunt  to ovarian cancer one to sickle cells disease and another to AIDS, all of these aunts were from my father’s side of the family. My cancer scare last year and my 28th birthday this year really gave me the push I needed to; make some changes, stick to those changes and spread the word.

We all know that there are changes that we ought to make in our lives however, if you’re like me then you hate changes even it it’s for your best. I was a vegetarian for about ten years. During those years, beans, peas, legumes, fruits and vegetables made up my diet. Most of the items were fresh and some right from my mothers garden. My siter has heart problems and my brother has allergies to most medications given to him and I always batted ovarian cysts. When we became vegetarians as a family we saw a great change in health. I went off to college in Jamaica the land of jerk and curry chicken and fell into bad habit. Jerk chicken became my staple food with extra hot sauce. I developed serious ulcers and of course the cysts came back. I left Jamaica after two years and went back to The Bahamas where once again my mother made sure that we ate healthy foods, health improved until I moved to Canada.

Last year was a really painful one for me. I was on medication which did not agree with my body and so created other problems, I had to do biopsies and x-rays and other tests that I didn’t even know existed and of the course the long dreaded word “surgery”. Time after time I made promise to myself and my future husband” a girl can dream can’t she?” that I will take better care of my body, but this time it is for real.

I will start of small and eliminate the things that are easier to eliminate such as eggs, cheese and meat. They are easy for me to eliminate because of the throbbing pain I usually feel after a meal consisting of them. What will be difficult will be junk food, carbonated beverages, and actually eating breakfast at breakfast time. To help me better understand this process starting this morning I will fast for an entire day and start fresh on Tuesday.

I will take note of my every meal and every drink. So for this week I will attempt to drink only water, fast for one day, eat at least three fruits a day, eat one vegetable a day and abstain from the previously mentioned foods.

I will check in and blog on Monday which is my fast day, Wednesday which would be my hump day “the most difficult to get over” and Friday my victory day and will let you know how it all went. I will take pictures and also weigh myself. I will check in again in December with the results. So, who’s with me?

Love and Health



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So I have been working and working,

well not really. I have been working just that I haven’t been able to get paid because my work is updating my blogs. Writing is the only thing that I love enough that can actually relax me at any time. I love to write and I realized this summer that I can use it as a a form of therapy and so I started my blogs and also my vlogs on youtube as my way out.

It gets really frustrating at times but I just keep on writing or talking. Instead of talking to myself and answering my back I simply share my thoughts with others who may find themselves in the very same situation as me. Sharing my thoughts about what’s happening in my life ease the burden of carrying it alone but also reminds me that I am not alone in my struggles as I get feed back from others.

As with most writers there will be writer’s block and frustration but as long as there’s a pen, paper, a keyboard and a camera, continue to share your story as I will continue to share mine.

Love and Blessings


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so what’s good……

Here’s my what’s good list

  1. I have a small group of friends who support me through prayers, facebook, and pocket change
  2. I have found a friend that I could talk certain things to and he actually listens.
  3. I am working on a website
  4. I had an interview on Friday for a job.
  5. I live in a country where there is no law.
  6. I have a family
  7. I have hope that I can go to school in the fall.
  8. It may take me longer than normal to get my degree but I’m still learning.
  9. I have a laptop
  10. I am alive.

So remember folks things may seem to be all wrong however, there are lots of things that we have that we should be thankful for. God is still in charge and that’s all that matters.

Love and Happiness,


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so what’s bad……?

I spent the entire day today just thinking of all the bad things that has been happening in my life since last September so I figured that I might as well make a list and that I did. Today, I was sick and felt like I had  no where to go and no one to turn to, no one can understand my frustration right now except for God because HE IS  the one who created me, HE HAS plans for me and so I tell all my worries and troubles to Him. Now, the reason why I am sharing this with you is because I feel that there are others out there just like me, going through the same heartaches I am going through, having no one to call a friend, feeling depressed and hopeless, however, there is Hope. Below, is my list of all the bad things in my life.

  1. It’s taking me longer than anyone to complete a four year degree, money don’t come easy.
  2. I have no place to call home “see why Jesus and I get along so well”
  3. Right now I don’t have the relationship with my family that I once had.
  4. I have $17  in the bank.
  5. I have no idea if I’ll be able to register this fall
  6. I owe my school four thousand dollars, yes that’s right you read it four big ones.
  7. I am unemployed.
  8. I think I’m losing my learning ability
  9. I don’t find reading so enjoyable any more.
  10. I’m here at 12am writing this list.

Peace and health,



Weekend Update

So I was  actually able to get some sleep last night, yay me “whoot, whoot”.

I had Sabbath worship last night very informal because I was not at home so I had to do have worship in the bathroom.

Yesterday, which was Sabbath we went to camp meeting and got to see lots of old faces.

Now my site is up so I will be kept busy with that. Hopefully, I’m able to get some sleep tonight.



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The devil is busy but God is real……

Last night, I spent over two hours recording four videos reviewing our sabbath school lessons. However, when all was done and finished and was ready to be uploaded on youtube surprise, surprise, there was no sound. Absolutely, no sound whatsoever, I was a little upset actually I was really upset. I had spent all the time and energy and nothing came out of it.  By the time I had re-recorded three new videos it was 1am and I was simply tired. The fact that I had made this promise to God to do this I tried to keep my promise. I look forward to continuing the lesson reviews every week.

I had a job interview today and it went well, tell you the truth it went great, that is until we got to our work schedule. This is a furniture store and Saturdays are more than just busy and so all hands are required. I said to the manager interviewing me that I’m Seventh Day Adventist and his response was “what’s that” after 5 minutes of explanation he was still lost so I said to put it simple “I’m a Christian Jew” then he kinda understood. H e said that I can work either the 9-3 shift or the 3-9 shift, yeah that helped a lot. I went to explain to him that it would be impossible because I could make more commission on one Saturday than during the week. I then started to feel disappointed. Wondering in my mind why I have to be the “special case”. Why I had to be different, then I remembered John 15:19 “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you”, that scripture gave me all of the inspiration alone. I know that God has brought me this far and will continue to do that. I will not compromise my belief for a job even though I really need it, if I remain faithful to God, He will remain faithful to me.

As I go to bed tonight my head is filled with anxiety, fear, loneliness, desperation but also HOPE. Hope in knowing that I may not have money but I will be given my daily bread.

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Guess who got flowers today?

Flower always light up my day.

So today started out very ordinary and of course still stressed out. I was in bed moping and not really happy when my cell phone rang. On the other end of the line was a lady wondering if she could make a delivery for me n a few minutes, I assumed that it was some hair products I had ordered. To my surprise I got a vase of flowers. Not just any flowers but they were also purple. It made my day so much brighter and changed my entire mood. The fact that someone saw me as being special enough that they took the time out to think of me made it all sweeter. There’s an old saying “give me my flower while I’m alive and today I can truly say that someone has. A special thank you to that special person.


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