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Ok guys listen up.

Reading and writing is fun, writing and reading is fun, at least to me it is. During my younger years I wrote and read for pure pleasure, just because I could. I literally ate, chewed, and devoured books like a book worm. I have simply always had a passion for writing and reading and they usually went hand in hand. If I read a book, I would simply have to write my very own book review. If I wrote on a subject immediately after writing I would often read a book on the subject. During my teen years I wrote for my sanity, like most teenagers, I kept a diary to hide my innermost thoughts. I read books that made me feel part of the teen age movement. During my early twenties, I read and wrote as a way of maturing. I read books on subjects such as health, dating, dealing with teens, planned pregnancy and of course, college text books. Now that I have officially hit late twenties my reading and writing has been more for soul searching, however, I have found out in recent weeks that my writings extend beyond my monitor and have others feel a bit uneasy about what I write.

I have written on subjects of spirituality, my difficult college life, my financial situation, my maturity growth and of course the infamous “Living It Single” series. Of that list the most important to me is spirituality then college life, my maturity and financial growth and bringing up the rear my single life. However, to the outside world it is opposite. Of the nineteen private emails I receive about this blog all are in reference to “Living It Single”. I imply found it surprising that those who value my friendship would rather know about my single life and how they fit into it than my spiritual life or even my college life for that matter. It really showed me what was more important to them about me. Now, while I understand that men think differently from women and that some are insecure about the way they acted in a relationship or that it was important for them to know why the relationship didn’t work out, I understand that, but maybe, just maybe the way they approached certain subjects like the way the approached my blog had a lot to do with it.

Feelings were hurt when I expressed my feelings by writing, feelings were hurt when I revealed that I was reading a book called “I kissed dating goodbye” some assumed that I was reading the book because they had left a bad taste in my mouth when in reality I was reading the book for pleasure. I love everyone that plays a role in my life, different love for different people, but please when I blog it’s for my sanity and for my therapy. Do me the favour of leaving your comments but don’t take it too personal. If you feel that I should not say certain things simply take it with a grain of salt and accept it for what it is.

Read what I write so you may learn a bit more about me and the everyday struggles I go through.

Kisses, hugs and blessings



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So I have been working and working,

well not really. I have been working just that I haven’t been able to get paid because my work is updating my blogs. Writing is the only thing that I love enough that can actually relax me at any time. I love to write and I realized this summer that I can use it as a a form of therapy and so I started my blogs and also my vlogs on youtube as my way out.

It gets really frustrating at times but I just keep on writing or talking. Instead of talking to myself and answering my back I simply share my thoughts with others who may find themselves in the very same situation as me. Sharing my thoughts about what’s happening in my life ease the burden of carrying it alone but also reminds me that I am not alone in my struggles as I get feed back from others.

As with most writers there will be writer’s block and frustration but as long as there’s a pen, paper, a keyboard and a camera, continue to share your story as I will continue to share mine.

Love and Blessings


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Guess who got flowers today?

Flower always light up my day.

So today started out very ordinary and of course still stressed out. I was in bed moping and not really happy when my cell phone rang. On the other end of the line was a lady wondering if she could make a delivery for me n a few minutes, I assumed that it was some hair products I had ordered. To my surprise I got a vase of flowers. Not just any flowers but they were also purple. It made my day so much brighter and changed my entire mood. The fact that someone saw me as being special enough that they took the time out to think of me made it all sweeter. There’s an old saying “give me my flower while I’m alive and today I can truly say that someone has. A special thank you to that special person.


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Circumstances and attitudes.

“We can’t always choose our circumstances , but we can choose our attitudes towards them.” — Unknown

That was a tweet that I got from following Neil Gibson on twitter to tell you the truth I really needed that, it makes me realize that I am not alone.

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Don’t look ma cause I’m grumpy

So last night or this morning rather I went to bed on top of the world and now I’m feeling like a sad little puppy “insert puppy face here”. I know that lack of sleep has a lot to do with and so does stress but I’m still not liking this feeling. I’m know why I’m upset but because I can’t change the situations my mind is telling me that I also can’t change my feeling which I know is not true. Right now some of my stress include a relationship that I am not so sure about, I’m three weeks away from maybe not attending classes again, I’m broke, I need to find a new place to live, I need to have some legal stability in my life, I need to work on my relationship with my parents, I need to actually put some food in my system as my hair is starting to show it, I need a job and so on and so on. So to kinda help me get out of this funk that I’m in I decided to do four things this afternoon.

  1. Finish cleaning my room as well as the bathroom
  2. Go on a half hour jog around the field.
  3. Read a book right now I think it’s going to be Max Lucado’s “Cure for the Common Life” something about finding your sweet spot.
  4. Go to bed at 11pm whether I’m sleepy or not

Maybe I’ll do them maybe I won’t who knows, all I know is that I wanna get out of this mood. I think that I’ll go jogging right before bedtime so that I can kinda tire myself out.  I have no idea what will happen but we’ll see. Right now I’m listening to The Northern Caribbean Choir and they sound amazing. I’ll be sure to check back in an hour with an update.


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