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Blessed Sabbath Day

I have always been in the minority, sometimes it was good and some times not so much. My religion has always been a hindrance to me socially and I’m not complaining but just like every other human sometimes we wish that things could be a little easier.

Growing up in a home with a seventh day adventist family meant that as a kid in public school I was not normal, the funny thing was that I wasn’t even normal as a kid in church. Yes we all went to church together but not everyone worshipped on the Sabbath day like my family did. Now as a free adult and paying my own rent you would think that I would be a bit normal but nooooooooooooo. Things are still the same. I choose not to work on Sabbath even though I will get paid more, I choose to make extra preparations during the week to make sure that Sabbath is just special. Sometimes it even means excluding friends and family for that 24 hour period. It hurts for me to say no we can’t visit because it’s my Sabbath and sometimes people think I’m using it as an excuse when I’m really not.

The Christmas season is fast approaching and people have already asked for their time off so that they can be with their families which means that some poor fool “like me” will end up working those extra long hours because everyone wants that time off, because it’s special.

As I think on how mush I love the Sabbath I think on how I have been as a Christian, if people really do see the light in me. I lost a friend once who I never once invited to church or even brought up church with. After that I promised myself to speak to everyone about God’s love unfortunately that still hasn’t happened.

As we near this holy Sabbath day I thank God for providing me with a place of employment but most of all I ask Him to use me to bring others to Him. To break down the “pride” that I have where I don’t want to be rejected, to know that all He wants of me is simply to live for Him and He will do the rest.

Happy Sabbath



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