Welcome, Blessed Sabbath Day

Today, is another holy day, a day of rest and gladness, of thanksgiving and praise. Today is the day of family time and fellowship. It is a Holy-Day. I love the sabbath because it is a time for; sharing, a special occasion, a date with God. I love the Sabbath day because it reminds me of creation and it is the one day that I get to do absolutely nothing but think on the goodness of God.

This is also the time of memories. The time when I can think of the good old days of being with my family. It is also the time when I think of my future family. I look forward to wonderful family moments and vespers on Sabbath evenings. I look forward to kissing my future husband and my kids and wishing them a blessed Sabbath. I look forward to my future husband being the priest of my family and pronouncing blessings on my family.

Sabbath always remind me of why I can not be married to a non-sabbath keeper not because I think that I am better than a non sabbath keeper but because all these customs from my parents will not have any meaning to him. I see us preparing clothes for sabbath from Sunday, making sure the all shoes are well polished  before sunset on Friday. Making sure that the yard is clean and the car washed. The televison and radios are off unless it’s a christian program and most of all I see myself preparing a buffet for the sabbath feast.

It takes me back down memory lane when my mom was like the queen bee in the kitchen and expected that the house to be clean spic and span from top to bottom and not to forget the pine sol “lol”. My dad would wash his car until it was shining  and made sure that it was well vacumed. He would make sure that my brother collected his suite from the dry cleaners and would be the one to remind us that sun is getting ready to set. We were expected to be all shower fresh and clean at least an hour before sunset. The dinner table would be set with the Sabbath food set aside. Fresh fruits would be placed on the table. Sabbath was the day when my mom would bring out the special linen table cloth and all the Sabbath vessels were brought out, not to be used again until next Sabbath.

Ten minutes before sun set we all gathered together as a family, everyone carrying their hymnal and Bible. We will sing hymns in French and when we the kids felt like being rebellious demanded that we sing some songs in English, but our favourite was singing songs in Haitian creole because there was more rhythm. After singing we will repeat Exodus chapter twenty and versus eight to eleven by heart and then we will kneel to pray. After prayer was done my dad would pronounce his blessings on the family

” Que la grâce de notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ, l’amour de Dieu le Père et la communion du SaintEspritsoient avec vous”.


I look forward to the day when I can share these wonderful memories and traditions with a family of my own. Thanks mom and dad for putting us on this road I hope and pray that we will all continue on this path.

  1. #1 by Linda on October 26, 2012 - 9:37 am

    I too, am thankful for parents that taught me of the Sabbath. Happy Sabbath

  2. #2 by http://yahoo.com on February 9, 2013 - 5:29 pm

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    LaBelleLaBlog”. Iwill undoubtedly wind up being returning for much more
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