God Listens to our Prayers no matter how trivial

I have proven time and time again that God listens to each petition that we bring to him. He has said that he is Our Father and like our earthly fathers who would spend time  finding that lost marble, that special dolly, that lucky sock or underwear, that favourite pencil God does the same for us. He is interested in everything that happens in our lives even if we think it to be trivial. I have proven this twice in my short years here on earth.

I once got a Gucci wallet as a gift, it was my most prized possession at that time. I treasured it because someone thought that I deserved something that was so expensive it was valued at about four hundred dollars. I cared for it like a pet. During one Christmas shopping trip on a Saturday night  however, I misplaced my beloved wallet. My mom, sister and I were trying out different outfits and I guess that I left my wallet in the changing room. It was about two days before Christmas so the store was packed with people. I didn’t realize that my wallet was missing until Monday morning as I was getting ready to visit a friend in prison and wanted to make sure that my government issued id card was up to date. To my horror as I looked in my purse my wallet was not there. I looked all over our house hoping that I had just placed it somewhere. No luck. I began to feel the pressure and called all of my friends asking if they had seen it. In addition to the always no’s I also got some lectures. Some thought that I was too attached to the purse and hence God taking it away from me. I was not pleased. I called a friend of mine who was a police officer and told him to be on the look out for it. He was kind enough to actually take me seriously. After hours of frantic searching I was near tear but decided that instead of crying I’ll just pray about it and that’s exactly what I did. I prayed that God will help me find my wallet if it was His will and allow me to accept that my wallet was gone if it was His will also. I told Him that I didn’t care about the one hundred dollars that it contained I simply wanted my wallet back and the important contents it contained. I went to sleep and one night dreamt that it was on the ground next to one of the stores that we visited, I trusted God and went and look, it was not there. With a heavy heart but accepting it as God’s will I went and applied for new government id’s. Six weeks later and in the new year my mom got a call at work. A cashier from the same store that I saw in my sleep called to say that they had found my wallet, I was simply excited. The hundred dollar bill was missing but everything else was in place I told everyone how God had answered  my prayer, some dismissed it as pure luck.

Today, I could not find my John Varvatos perfume retail value of $92 but I got on sale for $20. Once again I searched the house and recruited my friends to help. Nothing came up, as I’m in the process of moving there were boxes and more boxes that I had to go through. I went through everyone of them. Found nothing. I whispered a prayer to God and found it three minutes later.

Now, I am sure that some will claim that the Almighty and Powerful God has bigger things to consider and so would not give a second thought to a perfume bottle but I beg to differ. If He listens to my supplications about such small matters imagine how much more attention my bigger issues are given.

God is my Friend, Comforter, Healer, Physician, Lawyer, Teacher and of course Father nothing is too big or too small for Him. He holds the sun, the moon and the little stars in the same hand.

Thanks God


  1. #1 by MK on October 22, 2010 - 9:19 pm

    Small miracles, awesome aren’t they?

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