Dear God, it’s me again;

Yes God, it’s me again. I know that it’s been a long time since I wrote to you but there are couple things on my mind that I feel that you should know. Yesterday, there was a plane crash which I’m sure you’re aware off. More than seven people died one of whom I knew. Now with all the death that has been going on around me I just want to know can’t you take it away? Can’t you stop it? So many people around the world are dying ever day, children, women, young people, young men, the elders of our community we’re losing them all. I’m now afraid to love new people for fear of losing them. I don’t even want to think about losing another loved one. I am afraid of losing some very close friends of mine who are police officers, there are those who are in the United States Armed Forces, my family in Haiti are still in fear after the earthquake.

I’m especially fearful for friends and loved ones who have not accepted you as their personal Saviour. How do I tell them goodbye without knowing that we’ll share eternity?

At this time I’m just asking you for peace and comfort not just for me but for all those around the world affected by death. I know that you will keep your promise but every now and again I’d like a reminder. Thanks

Love Your child


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