Don’t look ma cause I’m grumpy

So last night or this morning rather I went to bed on top of the world and now I’m feeling like a sad little puppy “insert puppy face here”. I know that lack of sleep has a lot to do with and so does stress but I’m still not liking this feeling. I’m know why I’m upset but because I can’t change the situations my mind is telling me that I also can’t change my feeling which I know is not true. Right now some of my stress include a relationship that I am not so sure about, I’m three weeks away from maybe not attending classes again, I’m broke, I need to find a new place to live, I need to have some legal stability in my life, I need to work on my relationship with my parents, I need to actually put some food in my system as my hair is starting to show it, I need a job and so on and so on. So to kinda help me get out of this funk that I’m in I decided to do four things this afternoon.

  1. Finish cleaning my room as well as the bathroom
  2. Go on a half hour jog around the field.
  3. Read a book right now I think it’s going to be Max Lucado’s “Cure for the Common Life” something about finding your sweet spot.
  4. Go to bed at 11pm whether I’m sleepy or not

Maybe I’ll do them maybe I won’t who knows, all I know is that I wanna get out of this mood. I think that I’ll go jogging right before bedtime so that I can kinda tire myself out.  I have no idea what will happen but we’ll see. Right now I’m listening to The Northern Caribbean Choir and they sound amazing. I’ll be sure to check back in an hour with an update.


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