Sak pase? what’s good? what’s up? que passa? what you saying?

Guess who?

Hey guys and ladies I’m just trying to say hi in all the different ways I know how. Sak passe is creole and used by Haitians, what’s good and what’s up are used by North Americans, que passa, I have heard used by Dominicans and what you saying used by the good folks in The Bahamas. I know you’re probably thinking that this is my first post and I am so informal but it is what it is and it’s 2:48am so you can’t get that formal now can you? Umm this blog is basically therapy for me during my hours of insomnia.  My sleep patterns have changed drastically ever since that heart wrenching Tuesday of January 12th 2010 when the devastating earthquake hit my home land of Haiti. Wondering if families and friends were safe, keeping up with the search and rescue and of trying to find as much information as I could about everything and everyone involved kept me up all night until the wee hours of the morning and it has yet to change. Add not being able to afford to attend classes, not knowing where the next month’s rent was coming from, not knowing if there would be dinner and you have a classic case of no sleep and stress, so here I am six months later sitting in my bed and just typing away at my computer.

I also started this blog to have as a diary so that I can keep myself motivated to continue work on all of the wonderful projects that I have in mind but lack of sleep is not allowing me to follow through on. If you are up for the challenge of hearing a university student vent about everything from tuition to rent to relationships to religion then you have found the right blog. I will try my best to keep on posting and I have just realized that the dictionary has yet to catch up with words such as blogs so we’ll see how long it takes. Tomorrow I promise to tell you a bit more of La belle mademoiselle.

Sweet dreams

La belle mademoiselle.

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